Our Story

Realizing there is a Better way to Raise Food

You want the best for your family, but life has you going in all directions. You are busy trying to fill your role as a mother while wanting to keep your family as healthy as possible. Stressed and confused by all the misleading terms at the store: organic, 100% natural, farm-raised, cage-free, humanely-raised, and the list goes on.

Welcome to the Farm

We are excited to welcome you to our farm and provide products that you can trust. 

Before we started this journey, we were just like you. We found it very difficult to sort through all the misleading marketing terms to find food that was truly raised the way it was advertised.

We promise transparency, integrity, and honesty with our products to save you time and stress. 

Stewarding the Land

We believe that we're responsible for being good stewards of the land that God has blessed us with. Our goal is to mimic nature as much as possible. Our animals spread natural fertilizer and trample organic matter onto the ground which feeds the living microbes in the soil. Healthy soils produce healthy plants, animals, and most important healthy families. Our goal is to restore the land and produce the most nutrient-rich pasture-raised food available!

Journey to Pasture-Raised Food

If you want to nourish your family with nutrient-rich food, we encourage you to shop our online store. We want to make shopping easy and convenient. You can find all the products that we offer and choose from different delivery options. 

Thank you for supporting local farms and our passion for raising real food!

May God bless your days ahead, 

Taylor & Ashley

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